Radiation Oncologist Introduces Exciting New Treatment

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Lakeland, FL – Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer that afflicts as many as 13,000 patients every year. The condition is known as a form of primary brain cancer because it originates in the brain. Typically, these tumors are located in a part of the brain that is challenging to reach, and therefore difficult to treat effectively.

Watson Clinic Cancer & Research Center Radiation Oncologist Nitesh Paryani, MD is pleased to introduce a new treatment that’s been shown to increase patient survival rates significantly. It’s called Optune®, a device that targets tumor cells through low intensity, wave-like electric fields called TTFields. It is delivered through four adhesive patches placed on the head of the patient, and can be worn and administered during normal daily activities.

Nearly half of patients who use Optune® in conjunction with chemotherapy were alive at two years compared to just 31% who underwent chemotherapy alone.

Dr. Paryani is the only specialist in Polk County who utilizes this breakthrough treatment.

“Patients are very receptive to this new therapy,” Dr. Paryani explains. “It can enhance survival rates by as much as six months, and it results in a longer and more enjoyable quality of life.”

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