Second Opinions

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can be challenging. Patients often receive an overwhelming amount of information, some of which may be contradictory. Medicine is an art and a science, and there isn’t always a single correct way to approach cancer treatment, even in two individuals who may have the same cancer. Dr. Paryani feels strongly that patients should receive second opinions before beginning any cancer treatment, and has been quoted in the media regarding the importance of second opinions and how to obtain them. At Tampa Oncology and Proton, we can harness the power of telemedicine to offer you a second opinion before you begin your cancer journey, all from the convenience of your own home and without having to travel for an appointment. You can send in records for Dr. Paryani to review in advance, or simply have them ready for review at the time of consultation. Most insurance companies cover the cost of a second opinion, but if not it can be done for a relatively low out of pocket cost. Second opinions involve a review of your outside medical records, review of any imaging studies available, and review of your treatment plan. Dr. Paryani is often heard telling patients that, sadly, most patients spend more time researching their flat screen televisions than they do their own cancer care. He is a strong proponent of patients being their own advocates, and of working with patients to come up with a customized cancer treatment plan that incorporates the highest level of scientific evidence as well as your personal goals and beliefs. There is no one size fits all in cancer care. Please contact us  today to schedule your second opinion.