Prostate Cancer

Dr. Paryani is one of the foremost experts on prostate cancer, having treated several thousand patients with the disease. Dr. Paryani is the only physician in the Tampa Bay Area, and one in the few in the country, to offer a 5 day course of radiosurgery for early and intermediate risk prostate cancer. This type of treatment, when used in conjunction with SpaceOAR, allows most men to complete their prostate radiation in only five days, with outcomes equal or superior to the more traditional 45 treatment course. This faster treatment allows for less side effects, extremely high chance of cure (>90%), and allows you to return to your normal life more quickly than a traditional course of radiation. It is also noninvasive and does not carry any significant risk of long term incontinence or other problems seen with surgery. Dr. Paryani has published extensively in the treatment of prostate cancer with radiation, and has specialized expertise in prostate cancer that has recurred or come back after surgery (also known as salvage radiation).