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Tampa OfficeMon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM(813) 582-5823 4508 North Habana Avenue , Tampa, FL 33607
Winter Haven OfficeMon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM(863) 297-1845 200 Avenue F Northeast, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Basics of Radiotherapy and What to Expect

Dr. Paryani’s grandfather, B.T. Paryani, began practicing radiation therapy in northeast Florida in 1957, more than ten years before radiotherapy was first offered in the Tampa Bay area. He was also the first physician in Florida to utilize the high energy linear accelerator, the predecessor to today’s modern radiotherapy equipment. Dr. Paryani has advanced on his family’s legacy by providing the residents of Tampa Bay access to the most advanced radiation therapy equipment and techniques available today.

Radiation therapy itself is often painless and is delivered over a period of several treatments without the use of knives, needles, or injections. Due to our access to high end, state of the art equipment, our team is able to offer the shortest radiation treatment schedules of any radiation oncologist in the Tampa Bay area. Many patients are able to complete their entire course of radiotherapy in five (5) days or less. The treatment itself is similar to getting an X-ray or a CT scan. Most patients can continue to work full time and live a normal life while undergoing cancer treatment.

Dr. Paryani’s grandfather, B.T. Paryani, M.D.

Initial Visit and Consultation

On the day of your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our doctors and the care team to go over in detail your diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis and expected side effects. During this meeting, your doctor will help you understand what testing is required to stage your cancer, thoroughly review all of the options available to you, and help guide you throughout the entirety of your cancer journey. Upon request, our doctors provide all of their patients their personal cell phone number so that you can conveniently and easily reach them with any questions or concerns regarding your diagnosis and treatment. Same day appointments as well as telemedicine visits are available.

Simulation and Treatment Planning

After the initial consultation, you will be scheduled for a simulation and treatment planning visit, during which detailed images of your cancer will be taken via dedicated radiation therapy CT simulator. This scan will capture the tumor and also account for motion of the tumor with breathing, ensuring that the tumor can be targeted precisely at all times during the treatment. Custom treatment devices will be created to mold to your body to ensure you are in the proper position for treatment every day. After this, your expert team will work behind the scenes to create a custom radiation therapy plan for you. This usually takes between 3 to 7 business days, after which you will begin your treatment.

Daily Treatments

Your treatments will all be performed under the direct supervision of your doctor. Prior to each treatment, images such as a CT Scan or an X-ray will be taken to ensure you are in the proper position and the radiation is being directed to the correct place, every time, within millimeters of accuracy. The treatment itself is painless, and most patients are able to drive themselves back and forth to treatment. Most of our patients continue to work during treatment and live full, healthy lives. You are not radioactive after you leave the treatment center and are able to interact freely with family and friends. During the treatment you will meet as often as needed with your doctor, but at least once weekly, to manage any side effects and answer any questions that may arise.

Follow Up

During medical school, Dr. Paryani was taught that cancer patients require follow up for life, as the risk of recurrence is unfortunately never zero. Many radiation oncologists do not provide long term follow up for patients, as follow up visits unfortunately are not well reimbursed by insurance companies and Medicare. We believe it is important for cancer patients to have lifetime follow up; as such, if you entrust our cancer care to us, we will extend you the promise of caring for well beyond your initial cancer diagnosis and treatment.