Proton Therapy

Tampa Oncology and Proton is excited to announce their partnership with Proton International in the development of the Tampa Institute for Proton Therapy. We are excited to bring this world class technology to the West Florida and the Tampa Bay Region. As the region’s first and only provider of Proton Therapy, we look forward to elevating the quality of cancer care in the region.

Proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiation therapy available in the world today. Offered at only a select few cancer centers across the globe, proton therapy allows for maximal opportunity to cure cancer while significantly limiting side effects when compared to traditional x-ray therapy. Utilized at some of the world’s leading cancer centers such as Mayo Clinic and M.D.Anderson, proton therapy has been proven to be effective in treating multiple types of cancers such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, and many more.

Protons, unlike x-rays which are used at other centers across the region, have unique physical properties that make them more naturally suited to treat cancers. X-rays travel directly through tissue, depositing radiation both on the way into the body as well as on the way out. In contrast, protons are more like “depth charges” – they travel to a certain spot in the body (where the tumor is) and deposit their dose directly on the tumor, avoiding nearby healthy tissue and organs, sparing them from the harmful effects of the radiation. This phenomenon, known as the Bragg Peak, is what allows protons to offer less potential for side effects and permanent effects than standard radiation treatments.


We invite you to learn more about proton therapy through the below video from the National Association of Proton Therapy, as well as from our partners at Proton International.